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We at Galil Chemicals are totally focused on the ecological aspects and on the safety and health of our employees. The plant is well ventilated, so the employees can enjoy fresh air. The powders production division is covered with a vacuum dust collection system that constantly vacuums dust and solid particles from the air, sending them back into the production facility. Our warehouse is in a separate building from production divisions.

We have an environmental training policy.

Every chemical and product is accompanied with an MSDS sheet.

We manufacture without any industrial sewage; all the liquids and residues are totally recycled.

We use a vacuum cleaner system to clean the production areas; we never wash floors with water.

We established a monitoring policy by external contractors, to ensure that there won't be a way for any chemicals to enter the environment; we monitor the plant air for dust and suspended particles by monitoring the production smokestack and the sewage.

We use very strict precautions to prevent chemicals from entering the environment; we placed a check valve in our sewage pipes.

All the liquids' storage tanks have spill containment barriers around them. All the divisions' floors are made from suitable materials.

All the garbage is collected by a contractor to a site built according to Israel environmental laws.

We recycle packing materials, as much as we can; we recycle unused carton boxes as well as pallet separators. We reuse pallets in exchange from customers.

We sort packing materials (cartons, plastics) giving them to recycling companies.

We are using a solar electric system that converts the sunlight into electricity. This alternative energy source reduces the amount of air pollution and greenhouse gases that result from the use of fossil fuels. Galil Chemicals' products were never tested on animals.

We work according to Israeli environmental laws, and under supervision of the "Ministry Environmental Protection Department".