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Galil Chemicals creates the highest quality laundry liquid detergents.

Customers get a unique cleaning detergent that removes stains, dirt and unpleasant odors. It contains special soil chelating agents that penetrate the cloth fibers during the wash and rinse cycles to help prevent dirt re-depositing on clothes.

Galil Chemicals offers also concentrated formulas for stronger cleaning effectiveness, and also more delicate, hypoallergenic detergents for sensitive skin.

Laundry liquid detergents can be designed as liquids or as gels, with a viscosity level as to customer's request.

Detergents are formulated to be suitable for all garments or for specific kinds of garments, like wool, jeans, and industrials, also for whites, colored, and even for black garments.

All detergents are phosphates free and fully biodegradable.

Laundry liquid detergents are suitable for top regular, front loading and "HE" washing machines.

Laundry liquid detergents can be in any color and have any fragrance all according to the customer's choice.

Laundry Liquid Detergents
Packaging quantities:
Any filling quantities.

Inner packing:
Plastic bottle.

Outer packing:
Carton boxes on pallets.

Caps, Optional include spout.

And any packing the customer requires.