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With Galil Chemicals' toilet cleaner, your toilet will be as hygienic as possible.

Galil Chemicals' toilet cleaners are formulated with anti-bacteria components to keep the toilet from building up an excess of bacteria (which can be harmful to anyone who uses the toilet), having powerful decontamination components to remove stubborn stains effectively.

Unique products not only clean your toilet bowl effectively, but also restore its shine.

They remove lime scale deposits and stubborn stains easily in just a few minutes.

Toilet bowl cleaners can be in any color and have any fragrance, all according to the customer's choice.

Dishwashing Liquid Detergents
Packaging quantities:
Any filling quantities.

Inner packing:
Plastic bottle (Optional in pair with a refill bottle).

Outer packing:
Carton boxes on pallets.

Angled spout.

And any packing the customer requires.